Frog Lifecycle Water Toys

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Frog Lifecycle Water Toys


This is the perfect activity for families! Make your own frog, tadpole, and eggs for play in the bathtub, pool, or beach. The step by step instructions and photos guide you through the process of making a frog lifecycle using polymer clay. But the tutorial doesn't end there, another section tells you about frogs.

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Make memories

  • These frog toys are designed for water -  the frog pees and the eggs sprinkle water!
  • This is a great, family Make & Learn activity.
  • Want to know more about frogs? Check learning portion of this tutorial.

About this Guide

This document is more than a tutorial; there is a special section to help you learn more about frogs. There are 45 pages of clear, step-by-step instructions, and 75 photographs and illustrations. There are five sections:

  • Using this document
  • Clay Tutorial
  • Finishing Steps
  • About Frogs
  • Resources

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This tutorial is for your personal use. The text and photographs are not to be shared online or with other people. Copyright © 2018 by Pawpaw Patch Productions, LLC.

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